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Juerg Steiner Sensei Eestis

18.-21. septembril toimub Tallinnas Juerg Steiner Sensei (6.dan) seminar.Neljapäeval kell 21.00-22.00 treening Kristiine Spordimajas (Sõpruse pst.161/Kännu tn.86),reedel kell 19.00-20.30, laupäeval kell 11.00-13.00 ja 16.00-18.00 ning pühapäeval kell 10.00-11.30 treeningud Sisekaitseakadeemias...

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NB! Treeningud nüüd Kristiine spordimaja…

Septembris alustame treeninguid uues saalis, Kristiine Spordimajas (Sõpruse pst.161/Kännu tn.86, Tallinn). Muutunud on ka treeningute ajad: põhitreeningud koos algkursusega toimuvad esmaspäeviti ja kolmapäeviti kell 20.00-21.30 ning pühapäeviti kell 18.00-20.00, lisaks saab...

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Aikido algkursus alustab septembris

Olete oodatud aikidoga tutvuma! 10. septembril alustab uus algkursus. Treeningud toimuvad esmaspäeviti ja kolmapäeviti kell 20.00-21.30 ja pühapäeviti kell 18.00-20.00. Kaasa sportlikud riided.   Kogu kursus (2 kuud) 80 EUR, ühe kuu kaupa makstes üks...

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Tallinn Aikidoclub TAIKIKAI

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Welcome to the homepage of Tallinn Aikidoclub TAIKIKAI!







Short history of the club TAIKIKAI


The first known aikido introduction in Estonia took place in 1982. by Finnish Aikido practitioners.

The unofficial start of the club was 1985, when four people with different martial arts (mainly karate) backgrounds started training together. Among those first practitioners were also Rein Ausmees and Ants Tedresaar.

In 1991 the club was officially registered as Tallinn Aikidoclub TAIKIKAI and regular trainings guided by Rein Ausmees and Ants Tedresaar were announced.

During the first years an active supporter of the clubs activitys was Jorma Rissanen from theFinnish Aikido Federation, he regularly visited to conduct trainings in Estonia and thanks to him, the club has good relations with the Finnish Aikido Federation.


In co-operation with the Finnish Aikido Federation, in 1992 the first Aikido demonstration and introductory training were organized in Tallinn, with the main guest Yasuo Kobayashi.


Since then the club has been continuously improving. Trainings and examinations have been constant.


In 2006 the NPO Estonian Aikido Federation was formed, TAKIKAI is one of the members.